Ellen tailor pricing list 2021


MADE TO MEASURE (labour only)

Hem up (Jeans) $17.00

Existing Hem for Jeans $32.50

Hem up (Dress Pants) $19.50

Replace zip for Jeans $26.50

Replace zip for Dress pants $22.50

Re-Fit Waist (dress pants) from $35.50

Dress Skirt Lined / Unlined

Hem up Skirt/Dress unlined $28.00

Hem up Skirt/Dress lined $37.00

Hem up Skirt/Dress fancy or silk fabric from $75.00

Replace zip (25cm or less) unlined $22.50

Replace zip (45cm or less) unlined $29.50

Re-Fit Waist Skirt unlined from $35.00

Re-Fit Waist Skirt lined from $48.00

Jacket Lined / Unlined

Shorten Sleeves with vents/buttons (lined) $55.50

Shorten Sleeves with buttons (lined) $43.50

Shorten Sleeves with Cuffs $37.50

Shorten Sleeves (unlined) $31.00

Ladies Jacket Fully lined from $375.00

Fancy or silk fabric from $495.00

Ladies Jacket unlined from $290.00

Ladies Trousers unlined from $165.00

Ladies Trousers Fully lined from $185.00

Skirt Fully lined or unlined from $145.00

Ladies Shirt or Top (Plain) from $175.00

Ladies fancy top from $210.00

Mens Trousers from $195.00

Mens Shirt from $175.00

Mens Jacket from $1,4 95.00