10 Reasons to visit our Auckland shop for Suit Hire

1) You will get fitted by a master tailor, and altered to look like your-own-measured-suit!

2) Our suits are Premium Quality and Current. 

3) Our customers can be found in pictures on Wedding Magazines in NZ and AUS.

4) Free Parking, enough said!

5) We do our own style survey in London city and events for what’s in.

6) Location! All roads lead to “Epsom”! Take Green Lane exit, We are easily reachable from CBD

7) Flying? You can pick up or drop off your suit en route to/from Auckland Airport.

8) Knowing you have the convenience to drop off a nearby dry cleaner after you done with the hire (ask in store).

9) We are just opposite the horse race and minutes away from One Tree Hill for wedding photos

10) Last and Importantly! As a family business, You will be treated genuinely for your needs.

Ellen tailors main styles of shirts for men


Men face serious problems when selecting shirts for different occasions. It is common to find somebody in an official suit accompanied with a casual shirt. This is a total contradiction to matching and being relevant as far as fashion and dressing is concerned. Any designer will always give you a big NO, if you are not able to match men shirt with the suit for different occasions. This is the reason why you need to have an idea about existing men shirt styles in Ellen Tailors.

Major styles that you can get in the shirts market include,

Classic fit shirts

These are tapering free, traditional elegant men shirts. These shirts fit a little built men or huge bodied men. Apart from bringing a slender look, such shirts are readily available at pocket friendly price in Ellen Tailors. Classic fit shirts are multipurpose in nature, hence can be worn in office/business meetings and also in sporting, dancing or when going for dinner with your loved ones.

Athletic fit men shirts

For slim bodied men, a pullover with athletic touch can work wonders. The Ellen tailors athletic fit men shirts are tapered in a more enticing sophisticated way a thing most of our competitors have so far unmatched. These shirts are well designed to fit parties, clubs, outings and barbecue etc. Still again, this style of men shirt can be worn to business meetings bringing out a keen to details business man.

Modern fit men wear

Official wearers are not left out neither. The modern fit men shirts are the perfect official shirts you will find in the market. This type of shirts is perfect for business meetings and other official meetings. So if you are stuck, in matching the occasion with the right shirts, then this should be your first step towards getting everything right.


Choosing the right T-shirts

Men’s dressing is dynamic and needs a detailed understanding, when it comes to wardrobe choice. With vast fashion, style, and design, it becomes difficult in settling for the right clothes for your formal and casual needs. T-shirts being one of the most preferred men’s clothing come in different sizes, color, and designs. It is important to settle for T-shirt that complements your personality and one that enhances your looks and bring the best in you

One is supposed to consider the following before making a decision to buy a T-shirt.

Knowing your skin- knowing one’s skin is one of the important factors to consider. Your skin will have a major effect on how the shirt will look on you. People with fair skin can wear dynamic T-shirt colors. On the other hand, those who are dark skinned, light colors will highlight their complexion in a great way.

Body structure- people who are fat or large should keep off from T-shirts with large prints, as they will make you look bigger.  T-shirts with small prints or vertical pinstripes are ideal for you. Short people should look out for shirts that have large prints to complement their height

Your face- roundneck T-shirts are suitable if you have elongated shaped face. If you have a rounded face, V-neck T-shirts are the best fit for you, as they give a slimming effect.

Having the right shirt goes a long way in improving one’s personality and confidence. Be slow in choosing the right T-shirt and accrue benefits that come with your choice.

Exciting Times on this Website

I have something exciting to show you all on this website.  The clue is in the address of website. Please come back next week and see what we will offer.

I want to change how clothing alterations/repairs and suits are presented online.  This is just the start.

Font Change!

Have just spent weekend optimising fonts on this web page.  I am a big fan of Steve Jobs, and for me attention to detail is everything.

I’ve always been interested use technology to leverage my business.  My front office – tailoring business have enjoyed automation in booking and receipts since 1994 (yes, that is before Windows 95 was made!).

From day to day tailoring work, I spend extra time to get every detail right for clothing alterations and bespoke services.  I guess this has carried on with my hobby in Technology this weekend!

Black Tie Optional Invitation

If you have been invited to a black tie optional or black tie invited event and both a tuxedo and solid dark suit are on hand, wear the the garment that fits best. Do not rent or buy a tuxedo if not absolutely necessary though.  Ellen Tailors have both selections for your choice.

In the last few decades, Black tie optional has become more common as dress standards relaxed.

Quote #1

If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.

Albert Einstein

Hanging Your Shirt

There isn’t a whole lot to say about hanging a shirt apart from ensuring that the shoulders fall properly onto the hanger. A wooden hanger works best but most shirts will be fine on a metal or plastic hanger. Shirt pressing experts argue that leaving your shirt undone will make it crease less, but here at TSK we recommend at least  doing up a few of the buttons.

Suit Tips

Suit Tip #1:

Being too “buttoned” up – If a jacket has two buttons, only fasten the top button. If it has three buttons, you can close the top button only, the middle button only, or both the middle and top button. The key is to always leave the bottom button undone. This is a tradition that has been used for decades, and will keep your style looking smart.

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