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Exciting Times on this Website

I have something exciting to show you all on this website.  The clue is in the address of website. Please come back next week and see what we will offer. I want to change how clothing alterations/repairs and suits are presented online.  This is just the start.

Font Change!

Have just spent weekend optimising fonts on this web page.  I am a big fan of Steve Jobs, and for me attention to detail is everything. I’ve always been interested use technology to leverage my business.  My front office – tailoring business have enjoyed automation in booking and receipts since 1994 (yes, that is before Windows […]

Black Tie Optional Invitation

If you have been invited to a black tie optional or black tie invited event and both a tuxedo and solid dark suit are on hand, wear the the garment that fits best. Do not rent or buy a tuxedo if not absolutely necessary though.  Ellen Tailors have both selections for your choice. In the […]

Quote #1

If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor. Albert Einstein

Hanging Your Shirt

There isn’t a whole lot to say about hanging a shirt apart from ensuring that the shoulders fall properly onto the hanger. A wooden hanger works best but most shirts will be fine on a metal or plastic hanger. Shirt pressing experts argue that leaving your shirt undone will make it crease less, but here […]

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